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Welcome to the Smiley Soap Company website.

We specialize in homemade soaps and offer other fine products including salt scrubs, lip balms, shea body butter, and hand & nail butter.

We started making soap after reading that handmade soap will help your skin retain its natural oils better than store bought soaps. A little research pointed out to us that glycerin, a natural byproduct of soap making, is extracted from the store bought soaps in order to make higher priced items like lotions and creams. Glycerin is an important ingredient; it provides moisture to your skin, making it softer.

When making soap we use only vegetable oils (all of the ingredients of each type of soap we make can be read on the soap page of this site). Many store bought soaps use all tallow (beef fat) and coconut oil; these are two of the most inexpensive oils that can be used to make soap. All of our soaps have coconut, olive oil (very moisturizing), canola and palm oil. We vary the other ingredients depending on the soap being made.

This site contains information on all of our products and information on pricing and ordering. Please use the links at the top of the page to check-out what we have to offer. If you have questions that can't be answered through the information on the site or would rather just talk personally, please use the phone number at the bottom of every page of our site or e-mail us at

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Audrey and Sherry